Paratransit Information
Beloit Transit System Beloit Wisconsin

In recognition of the fact that while our system is ADA compliant, there are some riders that have unique circumstances that may prevent them from being able to use the regular system. As such, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 requires public transit agencies who operate “fixed route” systems (such as Beloit Transit System) to also provide complementary paratransit service to persons to qualifying persons with disabilities. Paratransit service complements the same service area and hours of the city bus system.

Riders (and their health care provider) must fill out an application and be a registered paratransit rider to use this service. Follow the link below to print and application, or to receive an application by mail please call (608) 364-2870. Please note that the City of Beloit contracts with Rock County Specialized Transit to provide Paratransit service for qualifying individuals that are unable to use the Beloit Transit System due to their disability. BTS contracts with Rock County Specialized Transit ( 608-757-5054) to provide its complementary paratransit service. Paratransit passenger fares are currently $3.00 per one way trip in Beloit, and $7.00 to or from Janesville (BJE).

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