Beloit Transit System Beloit Wisconsin (1)

Beloit Transit provides full service transit. You may call 608-364-2870, or for hearing disabled call the TDD line at 608-364-2868. Our friendly staff will provide you with any route information, scheduling, transfer points, fare rates, pass or token sales, identification cards or lost and found service available. More specific questions will be directly routed to the proper personnel. We at BTS will do everything we can to provide you with the best service possible, because we are happy to have you as our passengers and hope you will ride with us regularly.


There are several options to choose from when paying your fare. You can save money by buying tokens or passes before taking your trip. Tokens and passes may be purchased at the outlets described in this guide. For one fare you will get one ride plus a transfer, if necessary.


  • Please stand next to the bus stop sign so you can touch it. Persons standing on a sidewalk or far away from the bus stop will be missed.
  • Raise your hand to signal, wave bus to stop to pick you up. Wait for bus to come to complete halt and stay back from the doors until they fully open.
  • Board bus quickly, have EXACT FARE ready.
  • Do NOT use foreign coins.
  • Front seats are reserved for senior citizens and disabled.
  • If all seats are taken, please move towards the rear of the bus; hold onto a hand rail.


If you need to use more than one bus on your trip, you will need to ask your driver for a transfer when you first get on the bus. Transfers are free and must be requested when the fare is paid. Be sure to let the driver know which route you’ll be transferring to, so he or she can help ensure that you will make your connection. Limit one transfer per passenger. Transfers are good only for the time shown. They cannot be used to return on the same route and must be handed to the driver when the transfer is made.


Remember that your driver is in charge, and may ask any rider who behaves in an unruly manner or does not observe these rules to leave the bus. If a passenger refuses to obey the driver, the police will be called. Video and audio recording systems are in use at the Transfer Center and on BTS buses. Images and audio recorded by these systems may be used to identify and prosecute offenders. Use common courtesy on the bus and while waiting at the stops. Also, always remember to offer your seat to anyone who, because of age or physical condition, is less able to stand than you are.


  • Smoking is not allowed on buses or passenger shelters.
  • Food or beverages are not allowed.
  • Please don’t leave trash on the seat or the floor.
  • Don’t put your head or hand out of the window, or throw anything out of the window.
  • Don’t bring more packages on the bus than you can carry yourself as you board. The driver will not be able to help you get your bags on board, and when the bus is crowded you will need to hold your packages on your lap to make room for other passengers.
  • Large batteries, gasoline cans and oxygen tanks other than small tanks meant for personal use, are not allowed on board.
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  • Only service animals for disabled are permitted.
  • Loud or vulgar language, and pushing or rough housing is never allowed. Violators will be asked to leave the bus.
  • You may occupy only one seat, and may not put your feet on walls or seats.
  • Please do not play electronic devices without headphones.
  • Keep carts and large packages out of the aisle.
  • Children are not allowed to stay in a stroller on the bus. Remove children from strollers while on board and fold strollers up before boarding the bus.
  • Avoid long conversations with the driver.
  • Shirt and shoes are required. Ice/roller skates are not allowed.
  • Senior fares are offered to those with proof of age 65+. See Fares
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