Fare Policy and Public Involvement Plan

Overview of BTS’s Public Participation Process

The Beloit Transit System (BTS) understands that active public participation is a necessary and integral part of transit planning and provision of service. BTS’s public participation process provides:

• Early and continuing involvement
• Clear, accurate, and timely information
• Full public access to individuals, public agencies and segments of the community affected by transit service and planning

BTS’s public participation process will actively seek public input through a variety of techniques and outlets which may include formal and informal public notices, informational meetings, comment periods, surveys, workshops, public hearings and through the newspaper and other media.
In addition to receiving public comments from and informing those already interested and involved in transit planning and service, BTS will seek innovative and creative strategies to reasonably assess the general public sentiment, as well as to solicit helpful public input and educate those individuals unaware of the services provided by BTS. Some examples of outreach efforts may include interaction with neighborhood associations, schools, social service agencies, and presentations to community civic groups.

Public involvement is especially crucial when significant changes to the current service provided by BTS are being considered. Specifically, those significant changes include:

1. Fare Increases
2. Major Service Reductions
3. Major Route Modifications


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